Water Heater Service, Maintenance and Repair


Water Heater Service, Maintenance and Repair


First, we’ll need some basic information from you to get started. 

Once you select a new heater model, we can give you a quote and installation timeframe.  We will also remove your old water heater as part of labor.   Adams Plumbing and Heating friendly and a knowledgeable technician will walk you through some main components of your new water heater. 

Our Commitment to  Sustainable Solutions – Water Recirculation Systems

Are you looking for affordable and sustainable ways to reduce waste and costs associated with water and heat consumption?  If so, the addition of a recirculation system to a home’s water system can help reduce wastewater and lower energy use.

Do you have to wait a significant amount of time before the hot water “kicks in”?  Would you like to have the hot water the instant you turn the faucet on? The further away from the water heater, the longer it takes before hot water arrives. There is an innovative, modern solution to your dilemma !!!

Adams Plumbing and Heating has technicians certified in water recirculation system installation. These modern, affordable, and sustainable water recirculation systems help reduce waste with an energy-efficient, easy-to-operate solution for instant hot water throughout the home. With the fully automatic operation,  these recirculation systems offer the comfort and convenience of instant hot water while saving utility costs, precious natural resources, and most importantly – your time.

We have solutions for every residential configuration, and can expertly install a water recirculation system during repair or new water heater installation. 

Call us today at (303) 670-9171 to discuss this exciting, convenient, and eco-friendly option for instant hot water in your home! 

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