Plumbing Service and Repair


Plumbing Service and Repair

It is typical to have plumbing problems whether you are owning a home, renting a space, or even running a business. When these happen, it is often best to seek help from professionals to prevent any severe damage. Adams Plumbing and Heating offers the best professional plumbing services in Evergreen, Colorado and in the surrounding counties.

Our experienced professional plumbers can work on every plumbing service you may have, and more:

  • Underground water main services
  • House water line repair and replacement
  • Water softener installation
  • Pressure reducing valve installation
  • Backflow preventer installation
  • Frost-free hydrants
  • Water drilling
  • Excavation
  • New house rough-in

Underground and House Water Line Problems

Anything can happen underground and dealing with a leakage from the main water line can be a terrifying dilemma. The leak can be caused mainly by damaged old pipe or improperly installed water line. Trust only our licensed plumbers at Adams Plumbing and Heating to fix this for you.

Installation Services

We also provide a quick and professional solution should you need a water softener, pressure-reducing valves, backflow preventers, and frost-free hydrants installed. Some may think that these hydraulic items are optional but knowing their importance will surely prompt you to call licensed plumbers for help.

Water softener

Water softeners not only improves how your water looks, smells, and tastes but also prevent potential problems of minerals building up in your water line which slows down the flow of water to your home.

Pressure Reducing Valve

These valves ensure that you have a maintained and constant lower water pressure that is coming out of your faucet (you don’t wish to have overwhelming water flow from your water inlets in your home).

Backflow preventer

Backflow preventers ensure that water runs only forward from the main water line to your house, keeping contaminants away from your drinking water.

Frost-free hydrants

You need to have a secured and constant water supply during the winter months especially if you are far away from the main water source. Installing frost-free hydrants will tick this off your worry list.

Other Services

Do you need help with drilling your water line and excavation? Are you building your dream home and need someone to install your piping system? Do you have any other plumbing service and repair needs? Look no further and contact us right away!

Plumbing problems can be frustrating and can become costly if not resolved quickly. Let our professional plumbers help you with your needs and worry no more. We have licensed plumbers to serve you throughout Evergreen, Conifer, Idaho Springs, Lakewood, Dillon, Bailey, Central City, Black Hawk, and Georgetown, CO.

Let’s talk. Call Adams Plumbing and Heating at (303) 670-9171 for a quote now!

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