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7 Common Signs You Need A Professional Boiler Repair

October 15, 2021 / Adnan Selak

Are you wondering if you need a boiler repair?

Boiler systems are notorious for breaking down in the middle of winter, leaving you and your family freezing. The only way you can keep your boiler system functioning efficiently is by taking good care of it.

This means you should hire a professional plumber to install it, check up on it, and handle any resulting repairs. However, sometimes things always go wrong, even with this level of care and maintenance. Eventually, your water heating system will experience normal wear and tear and break down to a point where it requires repairs or even component replacements.

So can you tell when you need a boiler repair and what signs to look for? If you don’t read on below for the seven common tell-tale signs that you need boiler repairs:

1. The Boiler Is Worn Out and Old

Even well-maintained boilers have a limited lifespan. An average boiler system can last you 10 to 15 years if you take care of it properly. However, it’s advisable to look into changing your boiler even if it’s not 15 years old yet, especially if you’re experiencing all the above issues.

Instead of wasting your money and resources on a troublesome, worn-out, and old boiler, it’s best to consider upgrading it. The amount of money you use on repairs could quickly add up, losing you thousands of dollars. Therefore, if your boiler is old and showing other signs of breakage, contact a professional boiler repair expert to check it out and advise on the best course of action.

Professional Boiler Repair
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2. Foul Odours Coming From the Boiler

Your heating and cooling systems are responsible for ensuring that your indoor air quality is good. You should not ignore any unpleasant and unfamiliar odors around your heating system. A foul odor could indicate a gas leak, which requires immediate attention.

Even if you don’t have a gas leak problem on your hand, the foul smell could indicate an issue with your ventilation system. Before brushing it off and hoping that the issue will go away, ensure you contact a gas boiler repair expert to check the problem. A gas leak is potentially dangerous to you and the people living under your roof.

3- Leaks

Boiler leaks are among the most overlooked problems of a heating system. Most people ignore the problem as long as the system is working. However, it’s advisable to take boiler leaks very seriously and contact a boiler repair company immediately if you notice a leak.

A leak could indicate a serious underlying problem with your boiler. It’s a sign that a component inside your boiler is broken or not working as efficiently as it should. Additionally, boiler leaks lead to water loss, which means that your system isn’t functioning as effectively as it should.

On top of this, the water leaking from the boiler could cause significant damage to the structure of your house, including your floorboards. Therefore, it’s essential to report the issue immediately you notice it to avoid losing more money on secondary damages.

4- Inconsistent Temperatures

Have you noticed inconsistent water temperatures? Is the water hotter or colder than the temperature it’s supposed to be? If this is the case, you may have a big problem with the boiler system.

This could mean that the boiler isn’t heating the water properly or the heated water isn’t circulating as it should. Therefore, your heating system can’t warm up your home consistently.

5- Increased Utility Bills

When winter approaches, you will need your heating system more, and your utility bills are meant to increase. However, if the bills are higher than they normally are every year, it might be time to contact a residential boiler repair company to check out your entire system.

You can also compare your utility bill with your neighbours who also use a similar heating system and determine whether yours are significantly higher than theirs.

Sometimes, utility bills may rise due to inflation. But they should not be significantly higher than your neighbour’s. High bills are an indication that your heating system isn’t working efficiently as it should.

But when you contact a boiler repair company in Denver, they will help you pinpoint the issue and solve it. They will also give you tips on making sure your unit is working as energy-efficiently as possible to save you some money on bills.

6- Recurrent Repairs

If your boiler system shows all the above signs, you may need a simple repair to get it functioning effectively again. But if you have to call emergency boiler repair services regularly, you may have an even bigger problem on your hands than you realize.

If your boiler is old and keeps breaking down, and you have found yourself calling boiler repair companies repeatedly, you should consider a replacement.

Instead of spending more money on unending repairs, it’s economically feasible to replace your boiler instead. While a replacement requires a significant amount of money, it’s a better investment than paying for recurrent repairs.

7- Operational Problems

Have you noticed some operational issues with your heating unit?

These problems could present as a broken pilot light, inconsistent temperatures, and leaks. In such situations, there could be an underlying issue with the system of its components.

You may also notice that the heating unit isn’t turning on when you switch it on. While it can be tempting to try and repair your boiler yourself. However, this is a mistake that could cost you dearly.

If your boiler system has operational problems, it’s advisable to immediately contact a boiler repair expert to handle the issue before it becomes a significant problem.

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