When driving down Bergen Parkway these days its hard to miss the newly renovated, elegant, red, Hiwan Barn at 1552 Bergen Parkway. Currently housing three "mainstream" businesses, just two short years ago the barn was a sagging structure destined to rot into oblivion.

After a full year of propping, raising, rebuilding and reclaiming parts of the structure its owners are proud to present the "Hiwan Barn" . Harvey & Terry Adams, longtime Evergreen residents, purchased the Barn in January of 1996, after having long admired the building. Initially, the barn was used to house the family business, Adams Plumbing and Heating, founded in 1992. Shortly after having occupied the location, inquires began flowing in as to the future use of the structure. One of these inquiries blossomed into a plan to create a haven for specialty retail space and thus unfolded the renovation.

CO CO PA Inc.'s; Peter Anthony, Deborah Cota, and Mike Cota, along with the owners, played an integral role in the design and layout of the building as it stands today. Wood from the existing building and sheds was reclaimed/reused, as is the CO CO PA tradition, for trim, stairs, doors, etc. throughout the entire building. The result is graceful mix of old and new.

The new Barn would hardly be recognizable to the original owners of the land. The Hiwan Barn is one of the three original homestead buildings that sat on the 2000 acre Johnson ranch acquired by the Johnson family in the early 1900s. Around 1938, Darst Buchanan and his wife, Ruth moved to Evergreen. The Johnson Ranch became part of their, approximately 10,000 acre, Hiwan Ranch, which stretched from the area around Hiwan Homestead Museum to Central City. Incidentally, The word "Hiwan" has Anglo Saxon roots and means "a family house of religion or religious house" according to experts at the Hiwan Homestead Museum.

Adams Plumbing and Heating has now moved into its new office and shop, a smaller likeness of the original bigger barn, built at the same location, and sharing its flair for reused lumber. Adams Plumbing and Heating, with owner Harvey Adams at the helm, continues its tradition of quality workmanship and customer focus they've become known for. Specializing in state of the art, radiant heating, they are part of the many projects seen going up around Evergreen these days, such as; the renovation of Christ the King Catholic Church, the Diamond building, numerous tenant improvements and custom home remodels and new builds.